Architectural Interiors

YSA offers an Architectural Interiors serviceto develop the interior spaces alongside the exterior form and appearance of the building. This allows the materiality of the exterior to inform the interior finishes, resulting in a consistent theme to the project material palette. When working with existing buildings we draw inspiration from the materials already present.

In selecting materials, we consider their embodied carbon content and use reclaimed materials where possible, which also allows us to stitch memory into the fabric of the site.

Outside in

Natural light

Natural daylight is an important constituent to the user’s experience of an interior. Internal spaces feel more relaxed, and there is a general sense of improved well-being.  YSA put a strong emphasis on the use of daylight – with careful positioning of windows and rooflights, interiors are transformed.

Borrowed light
Kitchen scheme

Interior Fit-out

YSA develop the design for the internal fit-out with our clients and together we explore options that best suit requirements. We set design parameters for the specialist suppliers for the kitchen, bespoke joinery, and metalwork items. We work closely with the supplier as the design evolves to ensure the design intent is followed and review shop drawings prior to site installation.


Products and Fittings

Our materials choices are backed up by many years of experience. We regularly test new materials to ensure the products we recommend will look great after many years of use.



YSA respond sensitively to the different requirements in a home to enhance a desired mood or psychological response, such as a welcoming entrance or intimate conversation corner. We understand task lighting for busy spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. YSA work with clients to provide layered, bespoke solutions that will give a sculptural effect for each room and connecting space.

Oak House, bottom of staircase
Oak House, view into living room from entrance